8 Natural Skin Recipes Recommended by a Plastic Surgeon

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Andrew Ordon MD, the co-host of The Docs syndicated talk show, urges against an operating-table mindset. In his book, Higher in 7, The Last 7-Day Guide to a Better You, Dr. Ordon discusses more natural, less-invasive methods of skincare and beauty.

His DIY recipes were great for everything from removing dark circles under the eyes to shiny, supple hair and a healthy glow to skin that was dewy. They’re easy to make with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Read on to look and feel younger.

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Avocado-Honey Moisturizer
A moisturizer should be part of any anti-aging regimen. It makes your skin look smoother by helping to retain moisture in your skin and acting as a temporary filler for wrinkles. Dr. Ordon claims that his patients love this recipe because it makes their skin look and feel youthful and dewy.

3 Tablespoons of contemporary cream
1/4 avocado
Honey, 1 Tablespoon

Blend all three ingredients in a blender to create a simple cream. It is best to leave it on your skin for at least an hour. Remove with hot water.

Wrinkle-Preventing Salad
This fruit salad boosts energy and is packed with antioxidants that protect the skin from sun damage and improve circulation, helping to deliver important vitamins to skin. Start your day with this fruit salad for breakfast. You can eliminate keratosis pelaris, or “rooster skin” by changing your diet.

Half a cup of blueberries
Half cup of contemporary strawberries
1 kiwi peeled, chopped
Half a cup of pomegranate seeds
Natural orange juice, 1/2 cup
One handful of walnuts chopped

Mix the first four ingredients in a small dish. Pour the orange-juice over the mixture and sprinkle the walnuts.

Zits Spot Remedy
If you have a blemish and want it to disappear immediately, use this clever trick that Ordon learned from Kym Douglas in the green room at The Docs. The lemon and yeast help dry out the blemish.

Brewer’s yeast
Lemon juice

Apply directly to the blemish and leave for 10 minutes. Cover with a bandage. Apply directly to the blemish, leave for 10 minutes and cover with a bandage.

Basil Toner
This recipe works well for those who are prone to acne. The basil is antiseptic and helps to clear acne-causing bacteria. It also improves the circulation of the skin.

Three tablespoons of dried basil leaves
1 cup of boiling water

Then, blend the crushed leaves with a cup full of boiling water. Once the mixture has cooled, squeeze out the leaves and put them in a spray bottle. Spray your skin. Spread the toner around your face using a cotton pad or ball. Do this every day before cleaning.

Lemon-Agave Age spot fighter
This scrub can help. The top layer of dead skin and pores is removed by exfoliating the palms. This removes the pigment that causes age spots. The rice exfoliates the skin, the agave hydrates and the lemon lightens the skin.

1/2 cup cooked rice
1 Tablespoon agave nectar
Lemon juice, 1 tablespoon

Mix the ingredients together. Use the mixture on dry hands. Apply it in circular motions to the backs and sides of your hands with firm but light pressure for 1 to 2 minutes. You can also rub the rice onto the palms and palms to remove calluses.

Almond-Sugar Facial Scrub
Exfoliating your skin regularly helps to eliminate dead skin cells that dull your complexion. Your skin will appear smoother and more radiant.

3 Tablespoons of contemporary cream
White sugar, 1 cup
Brown sugar, 1/2 cup
Half a cup of floor almonds
Olive oil 2 tablespoons

All components should be combined properly. Apply in a circular motion to a dry face. Wash off your face with warm water followed by cold water. Pat your face dry. Put in a jar in the fridge to use in future.

Coconut Deep Conditioner
This pure conditioner will keep your hair hydrated and shiny. Use it once a week.

1/2 cup mayonnaise
Coconut oil, 1 tablespoon
Coconut extract, 1 teaspoon

Mix all ingredients together, cover your scalp using a plastic wrap like Saran Wrap. Leave on for 20-30 minutes, then thoroughly rinse.

Java Lip Exfoliator
Lips will instantly look plumper and more pink when you slough off the dry, useless skin and pores.

Half a teaspoon of moisturizing fluid (equivalent to Olay Lively Hydrating Body Fluid)
14 teaspoon of contemporary espresso grounds
1/4 teaspoon Kosher Salt

Mix well in a bowl. Massage the entire mouth for five minutes. Clear with a warm, moist washcloth.

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