Is it OK to have “Cheat Days?”

Weight loss consultants are often asked “what do you eat?” instead of asking how to lose weight. Do you eat anything “dangerous?” What’s the best cheat meal you have ever eaten?

This happened again the day before when we were presenting at the IDEA Convention in California. Someone asked after our discussion if “Cheat Days’ were OK. We don’t like to call it “cheat” food. It may be semantics but we prefer the term splurge.

Cheat implies dangerous. You are sneaking food, eating it in the corner, or hiding it from your colleagues on your desk.

Splurge, on the other hand, means that you take pleasure in a meal and then return to where you were without worrying.

The splurge meal is a part of our 90/10 rule. (Eat clean 90% of the time, and leave the other 10% to loosen the reins). If you do the calculations, this comes out to two meals per week. Use this whenever you are going out with your partner or friends. You can also use it for a work lunch meeting.

Plan your week as you normally would. The key to success is planning!

But keep a positive mindset. It’s not about being dishonest or lying.

It is important to enjoy what we eat.

Here are some of our favorite’splurges:

Chris’s choice: pizza or homemade lasagna with good olive oil and crusty Italian bread. Although pizza is easier than lasagna to make, they are both “splurge meals”.

Kara’s menu: wine and pasta with homemade sauce and meatballs, and some nice Italian bread with olive oils.

Ella’s story: She hasn’t quite gotten to the top, but we will certainly keep you updated.

What’s your favorite splurge meal?